Car rental in Madrid

More than 30 years as local company


We have a varied fleet of vehicles to meet your rental needs in Madrid: a small replacement car, a 9-seater minivan for a family getaway, a van for transporting goods or for house moving.
We provide car rental services in Madrid, both for residents and visitors.
Call: +34 91 766 05 23
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Car Rental in Madrid

Rental of Vans in Madrid

6-9 seater rental car in Madrid

SUV car rentals in Madrid

Characteristics of the Car Rental Service in Madrid

  • Advice on choosing the vehicle
  • Transparency and compliance with our obligations. No surprises. No “hidden” costs, no “from’s” or small print. No unforeseen expenses or unwanted costs.
  • We explain all the details related to the service: doubts about the handling of the vehicle, peculiarities, emergency telephone numbers, etc.
  • The reservation process is not automatic. You will not have to make the prepayment for your vehicle reservation on the web, nor will you have to provide your credit card details online. We are committed to “humane treatment” . We will always contact you directly to confirm the selected model and rate.
  • Possibility of Deliveries / Collections of vehicles in Madrid Hotels, Madrid train stations and Barajas Airport. Consult.
  • Availability of hybrid and electric vehicles

Our rental vehicles in Madrid

  • Vehicles delivered in optimal power and safety conditions
  • Special cleaning treatment: Always disinfected through an exclusive ozone treatment
  • Equipped with the security set
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Availability of extras: Snow chains, GPS, Wi-Fi, child seats

And, a medium or long term rental?

Our Flexible Leasing solution . It is a very flexible and economic rental option, using vehicles from our fleet. We recommend this solution to newly created companies, or those that do not know for sure how long they will need the vehicle, or the number of vehicles contracted throughout the period may vary.

General Rental Car Conditions Samocar

  • Driver must be at least 23 years old for vehicles belonging to the AAAAA groups and 25 years old for the rest of the groups and in all cases, a minimum driving license age of 2 years.
  • Driver will keep the vehicle in good condition and will drive it in compliance with the regulations established by the Highway Code and with all other provisions and ordinances that regulate its use..- The vehicle will be returned in perfect condition and operation, with its accessories and documentation, at the place, date and time established.
  • Any variation must be previously and expressly authorized by the Lessor and its breach will empower the Lessor to legally claim the return together with the damages suffered.
  • Fines and penalties of all kinds for traffic violations, parking, improper use or any other that originates from their own acts will be the exclusive account and charge of the Lessee .
  • SAMOCAR vehicles are insured with compulsory damage and civil liability insurance for damages against third parties. Own damage to the vehicle is covered , with a deductible established by vehicle group .

It’s forbidden:

  • The sublease of the vehicle and the transport of people or things for a price.
  • The driving of the vehicle by any person other than those expressly designated in the contract.
  • Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles or things.
  • Transport more people than authorized or loads whose weight, measurements, form of conditioning do not comply with the standards established in the legislation .
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxic or narcotic drugs or with physical or mental capacity diminished by fatigue, illness or any psychophysical alteration .
  • Participate or intervene with the vehicle in sports events, driving schools and in any kind of races, bets or challenges .
  • Unseal or tamper with the odometer .
  • Vehicles may only circulate on paved roads in Peninsular Spain. To be able to circulate in other countries , you must be authorized by SAMOCAR .
  • The driver will be responsible for all the consequences derived from the breach of the foregoing.



Samocar is recognized for its good service, the cleanliness of the vehicles and the different models and ranges of car and van rental in Madrid.
Our website offers its users the car and van rental search engine in Madrid to find the solution that best suits the needs of each one. Samocar is a family business that operates in Madrid, that is, if you want to rent a car or a van in Madrid, we are the best option. Our facilities are very close to the Madrid Barajas Airport and the IFEMA Fairgrounds and the Chamart ín train station .
Call: +34 91 766 05 23
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Frequently asked questions Car rental in Madrid

What security policy and vehicle cleaning measures do you have for the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Our priority is always the safety of our employees, our customers and their families. For this reason, for more than 10 years, we have used OZONE as a disinfectant and deodorizing agent for our vehicles after each rental. Due to the situation we are experiencing, we have implemented additional cleaning protocols in our vehicles after each rental, paying special attention to areas of greatest contact, such as the steering wheel, the door handles or the gear lever.

How much does a rental vehicle cost?

Through our website, you can quickly consult our prices. You can also make the reservation, if you wish, which will be confirmed by our staff by contacting you by phone or email.

How much do I have to pay when I pick up the car or the van?

When removing the vehicle from our facilities, it is necessary to pay, by credit card, the total amount of the rental plus a deposit as a deposit.
This deposit will be returned to you as long as the vehicle returns in the same condition as it was delivered and the terms of the lease have been fulfilled. The amount of the deposit is established according to the group to which the vehicle belongs.

Can I cancel my reservation?

In order to cancel your reservation, you only have to call +34 91 766 05 23 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; or write an email to
Exceptionally in the summer period, the reservation must be confirmed with an amount on account, which is not refundable in case of cancellation.

What is the cheapest rental car option?

The cheapest vehicle can be found on our website. It is the Toyota Aygo* which is priced at €29 per day VAT included, and a daily mileage of 500Kms included in the price. (For rentals of less than 7 days. From 7 days 300 kms/day, from 16 days 200 kms/day and from 30 days 100 kms/day)
(*labeled vehicle)

Can I rent an electric car?

Yes, you can. We have hybrid and electric cars for rent. At Samocar we believe in sustainability, which is why we are adding not only electric vehicles to our fleet of vehicles, we also have Hybrids. When making the reservation as well as when delivering the vehicle, we inform you in detail about how it works.

Is any insurance included in the rental price car?

Yes, all our vehicles are insured by a first- class Insurer . All our insurances are All Risk with Excess, which varies according to the vehicle .

In case of accidents of any kind, the Lessee will take the following measures:

  • Obtain complete data from the opposing party(ies) or in any way involved, their insurance(s) and the witnesses, duly completing the form you received with the documentation, which will be sent to SAMOCAR within a maximum period of 24 hours.
  • Lessor immediately by phone, fax or email and later by email attaching the accident report.
  • Collaborate in the assistance of the victims and with the authorities, without acknowledging or prejudging in any case the responsibility of the act.

What happens if I run out of fuel or get a ticket?

It shall be borne by the Lessee .

Can I rent the car if I am 18 years old?

No, you can not. To rent cars, a minimum age of 23 years and a minimum driving license of 2 years is required.

Can I drive the vehicle around Europe or take it to the Islands?

In order to circulate outside the Iberian Peninsula or transfer it to the Islands, it must be expressly Authorized by SAMOCAR.

Is there a minimum rental car period?

Yes. The minimum rental period is 24 hours. If the return occurs more than 2 hours late on the stipulated time, an additional rental day will be charged.

Why rent a car or a van in Madrid ?

There are several reasons why it makes sense to rent a rental car in Madrid. It is a vital, welcoming and cosmopolitan city, where no one feels like a foreigner. Awarded at the World Travel Awards 2020, for the second consecutive year, as the best global destination for meetings and congresses and ranked 3rd in the ranking of the International Congress & Convention Association, Madrid offers a comfortable and safe setting, where you can indulge in leisure or do business it’s just as enjoyable. The rich artistic and natural heritage of Madrid, its advanced transport network, the quality of its accommodation, its excellent gastronomy and the passion with which the people of Madrid enjoy day and night make the capital of Spain one of the most attractive in the world.

Source: David Noack Pérez, Director Madrid Convention Bureau

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