The rental of vehicles that your business and employees need.

Adapted to your needs and always with the Samocar service. From high-end vehicles to small cars. We adjust your budget and the contract time. Fill out the form or contact us directly.

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    Samocar Renting is our long-term vehicle rental service for companies and self-employed people.

    We put at your disposal the vehicles that best adapt to your needs, covering the demands of any type of company and sector: Executive and Commercial.

    Different solutions for different clients. You choose!: Passenger cars, SUVs, industrial and high-end cars. We also offer the possibility of leasing hybrid and electric vehicles.

    Two leasing options:

    Tailor-made leasing. From high-end vehicles, to electric or hybrid…adapting to the needs of your business and the limits you need.

    Flexible Renting. The vehicles in our fleet are available from 3 months for renting with conditions tailored to your needs.

    Advantages of Renting with Samocar

    Our clients do not need to pay extra to enjoy VIP privileges

    If you are looking for a rental service, with Samocar you will not get any surprises, you will not pay more for a VIP service. You will have the best services and high-end cars at no additional cost.


    • Flexible hiring. We adapt to your most comfortable payment method in the renting service.
    • No commissions. We do not work with intermediaries who want to charge you a premium. Direct treatment between Samocar and the client.
    • Total commitment. We have an entire fleet available for you at any time, we are forward-thinking and we know the needs of our clients.
    • Quality replacement vehicles. Just because it is a replacement vehicle does not mean that the quality is lower. We offer you a car with the same characteristics as yours in record time.


    • A single telephone line. Proximity is one of the characteristics of Samocar, we speak with you directly to find out your needs and questions. All renting procedures in a single number.
    • Pickup and delivery of the vehicle. You will be informed at all times of the details of the renting, we explain the exclusions in a simple way so that you do not have any problems.


    • We want renting to be the most natural for our clients. For this reason, we provide tools and the necessary communication so that you do not waste time on procedures and dedicate yourself 100% to your business.


    Our renting service has an all-inclusive package that adapts to your budget and needs:

    • Tailor-made budget
    • Advice when choosing the vehicle
    • Sustitution vehicle
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Repairs
    • Comprehensive insurance
    • Roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Tire replacement
    • Registration, circulation and technical inspection taxes

    Tell us what your vehicle rental needs are and we will create a tailor-made budget so that you only have to enjoy driving the car of your dreams.


    It is a comfortable renting option, whose main attraction is flexibility. You or your company can cancel the contract or change the vehicle, if you need a vehicle with other characteristics, after the third month. Without receiving penalties.

    We use vehicles from our fleet.

    We recommend this solution to newly created companies, or those that do not know for sure how long they will need the vehicle, or the number of vehicles contracted may vary throughout the period.

    Toyota Aygo

    Opel Corsa

    Opel Corsa GLP

    Toyota Yaris

    Opel Astra

    Toyota Auris

    Renault Zoe

    Mitsubishi Montero

    Opel Vivaro/Nissan NV300 Mixta 6/9 PAX

    renting opel vívaro 9 plazas

    Opel Vivaro/Nissan NV300 Combi9

    Dacia Duster 4×4

    Toyota Rav4 4×4

    ALQUILAR suzuki vitara 4x4 híbrido

    Suzuki Vitara 4×4

    Cit. Berlingo/Dacia Dokker FG

    Cit. Berlingo/Dacia Dokker mixta


    Cit. Jumpy FG. HDI 6m3

    Alquiler_Jumper 8m3_Madrid_furgonetas

    Cit. Jumper DG. HDI 8m3

    Alquiler_Jumper 13m3_Madrid_furgoneta

    Cit. Jumper DG. HDI 13m3

    Alquiler furgón Madrid

    Ford Transit Camión 20m3

    Call us: 91 766 05 23
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