At Samocar we believe in sustainability and little by little we are renewing our fleet of vehicles. In addition, we want to cover the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles, especially the demand for electric and zero-emission cars. Our Madrid fleet includes the Renault Zoe 5-door model.

We have hybrid and electric vehicles for rent in Madrid.

We also provide rental of electric and/or hybrid vehicles to any national company.

If you need to rent a car with the latest technical advances – both to go on a trip and to use in Madrid -, we invite you to discover the comfort and performance of our electric cars.

Advantages of renting an electric car with Samocar:

1. We guarantee 80% battery when you pick up the vehicle

2. Our staff will accompany you to the vehicle, provide the charging cable and indicate how and where to easily recharge the car

3. We have of latest generation models with a lot of autonomy

4. With a 100% electric car, you can park for free in Madrid

5. You can return your vehicle with an empty charge

Reserve your electric vehicle and enjoy driving with a zero-emission car in the center of Madrid

On our home page you can find and request the rental reservation of an electric car in Madrid. It will be identified as “ZERO”.

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When we talk about hybrid cars we are referring to hybrid-electric vehicles that combine a combustion engine with an electric motor. Currently, hybrid technology offers plug-in vehicles (PHEV) and non-plug-in vehicles.

Our fleet of hybrid cars for rent in Madrid is made up of Toyota Yaris, Toyota Auris and Toyota RAV4 4X4, all with 5 seats.

The engines of non-plug-in hybrid cars are made up of a gasoline engine and an electric motor with a battery that recharges automatically. That is, the movement of the vehicle itself recharges the battery, which means that these hybrids never run out of battery. For their part, plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) have a charging cable like that of electric cars and charging times will depend on the capacity of the battery and the type of recharge available at the charging point.

Enjoy sustainable driving using an electric motor for your city trips and an efficient engine for your road trips.

Reserve your hybrid vehicle and enjoy sustainable driving in Madrid

On our home page you can find and request a hybrid car rental reservation in Madrid. It will be identified as “ECO”.

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