We are a family company founded in 1987 with more than 30 years of experience that is dedicated to the service of car rental in Madrid without driver. We work to offer the best conditions in industrial vehicles, cars, SUVs and sustainable, with a philosophy of service embodied in our Samocar Commitment.

Strategically located between the Hortaleza neighborhood and near the airport and IFEMA, Samocar has been characterized since its inception by offering its customers a clear price, without additional costs, with a wide range of vehicles divided according to the needs you have at all times. An immediate customer service and the loyalty of our customer base has made us remain a benchmark for car rental in Madrid against emerging multinationals.

Samocar-alquier y renting sin desdes y sin letra pequeña

We are very clear and transparent. There is no “small print” in our offers or “hidden” concepts in our rates.

Samocar is also committed to sustainable driving and already has electric vehicles, charged at our facilities, so you can enjoy an ecological driving with the confidence of hiring the services of an experienced company in the automotive sector.

Nosotros - samocar

Our services:

-> Car rental in Madrid: Cars, vans and SUVs in Madrid. We have a varied fleet of vehicles to meet your rental needs: small replacement car, 6 to 9-seater vehicles for a family getaway, van for transporting goods or for moving.

-> Vehicle Renting. We put at your disposal the vehicles that best suit your needs covering the demands of any type of company and sector: Executives and Commercial. With VIP privileges without paying for it.

Rent a car Renting

Samocar Values

Samocar is a family company committed to a series of very marked values where the QUALITY of the products and the personalized and home SERVICE stand out above all. We offer car rentals in Madrid looking for the FLEXIBILITY of our customers, being completely TRANSPARENT and based on a direct and personalized COMMUNICATION.


  • Personalized customer service
  • Fast and efficient solutions
  • We offer the best quality
  • We facilitate the management of vehicle rental


  • Fleet of our own vehicles
  • 100% control of our products
  • We offer quality guarantees for our vehicles
  • Top quality products
  • Vehicles treated with ozone to be disinfected


  • Agile and flexible in case of unforeseen events
  • Customer-friendly decision making
  • Satisfying needs


  • Direct and personalized communication with the customer
  • We understand customer needs
  • Helps us to improve service for the future of vehicle rentals


  • Fulfillment of our obligations
  • No small print
  • No extra costs

The Samocar Commitment is the union of all these values that we want to show to each of our customers who want to enjoy our services.

Samocar Commitment
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